The Planning System - Suggested Points

While this is a private, non-governmental, apolitical initiative; it does coincide with the recent publication of a new WA Government State Planning Strategy 2050 that considers futures-planning of infrastructure and services generally in WA. Our website refers however to the most immediately vital part of that – People. Let no-one forget that all this Planning is actually intended to be for the people, whose home is WA. Our focus is on enhancing quality of living and optimum urban land-use (in the context of anticipated substantial population growth.

PLANNING discussed on this website is (land-use) Planning – fundamentally defined as “A decision-making procedure directed towards the modification of natural land-forms and habitats to accommodate human habitation and associated purposes; and subsequently the progressive further enhancement of man-made incursions to suit human purposes, as they develop over time. The overall objective being to create new environments, sustainable long-term responding to the current and future aspirations of human kind, in any given location.”

A. (i) Introduction to ‘Planning’ and how it currently operates. Plus sources of Reference to the existing Regulatory system in WA. When and how do actual citizens/people have opportunities for input to discuss and influence outcomes?

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The formal Urban and Rural Planning system in WA
In practise and briefly for the purposes of informal discussion