This is an open, citizen-driven website that aims to ‘throw open the curtains’ of mystery surrounding important issues of decision-making on future Urban and Rural land-use planning, that are changing outcomes, but frequently not enhancing the quality of our local frameworks for living.

We aim to help make major issues and the system that controls them more easily understood and ‘interactive’ with and between all of us. The website collects insights into how decisions are made; critically considers current outcomes; and provokes constructive and creative thinking – for citizens to share and contribute much more to shaping the future of our cities, towns and suburban Neighbourhoods.

There are many negative, anti-social outcomes of recent Residential Community planning (such as below).
From this,to this,to this?

If– you do care about future living conditions in Western Australia for our families, don’t just worry or grumble in silence you can actually make a difference, please use this opportunity. 

Invitation to contribute

This invitation is to you. (No personal credentials or expertise are necessary) Please take a little time to read here and think seriously about the issues, then send your creative thoughts and feedback from your own very personal experiences and perspectives.

In return, we will regularly forward inputs to the Government and its many relevant Planning-related Agencies for consideration.

This is a voluntary, private, non-governmental, apolitical initiative. Our current focus is primarily on improving future Residential and Neighbourhood outcomes; – because they have a very direct and immediate effect on our quality of life as the population expands.

Creative futures-planning of our homes, outdoor and communal spaces must surely respond much better and quicker to the enormous and rapid social changes arising from myriad applications of advanced technology that are daily affecting people everywhere – of every age and social circumstance. The future is not just somewhere we are going; we are actually creating it daily in Western Australia. Please join us here – read, write and act now. Help to enhance quality of life for all of us in WA and  create a happier, safer and more fulfilling future for yourself and your family. 

Methods of Contributing

Please contact admin@pfpwa.com to contribute.

Disclaimers: Contributors must avoid any statements or inference that may be, or may be construed to be, personally insulting to any other person, named or otherwise. It is also Contributor’s own responsibility to ensure that no material submitted for open publication is or may be subject to reserve as copyright. The wording appearing in this website is strictly for the purpose only of communicating personal opinions and concepts from and between citizens. None of the said wording is to be read, used or understood to be written in the strict context of extant laws concerning Planning and Development in WA.