The formal Urban and Rural Planning system in WA

Planning and Development in Western Australia is administered under Laws approved by Parliament. The intent of those in principle is to ensure in the public interest a fair and equitable balance between conflicting individual and/or commercial interests. The current system for Approvals employs a formal Government Department bureaucracy that compiles strategic objectives and administers a system of checks and balances at various levels of detail in the overall public interest enshrined in Law, (that also includes a formal Appeals mechanism). The overall system and its functions including many branches and sub-agencies that are part of the WA Public Service cannot be appropriately summarised in a few paragraphs. For a full formal explanation of the current system, please to refer to publications of the WA Department of Planning at   and the WA Planning Commission at   .There are two further but fairly recent supplements to the system. One is ’Development Assessment Panels’  see that advise on complex high-value urban and regional re-developments involving multiple property-owners and the other the ‘Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’   at  .The function and powers of these are explained on their websites.

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