Primary Requirements for a Modernised Future Urban Planning System

Urban Land-use Planning is a multi-functional set of activities that is relied upon to create new and modified future living conditions for communities.                                                                                             Governments are charged with disposition and overall management of community resources for these purposes. They are expected to do that today by leading and setting the agenda for multiple public sector bureaucracies that should respond with optimal efficiency and a creative forward perspective to the predictable needs of ‘client-user’ Communities.

Prerequisites today for Government are for Communities to be supported by a transparent and community-responsive public service Planning System, characteristically –

*Research led          *Creative bureaucracy        *Community futures-focussed

The State Government in WA must recognise that it does not currently have the support of a Planning System that demonstrates any of those features and the taxpaying community deserves a  much more futures-relevant and managerially competent service.

Although a need for change was recognised by the formation of an initially independent Review Group in late 2017, progress is slow and apparently being constrained by traditional bureaucracies that have no experience of operating such a futures-focussed modern Planning System.

An Alternative Planning System is urgently needed now, in order for the Government to respond to legitimate community taxpayer needs with creative, orderly and cost-effective management for instance as follows.

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