Creative Innovation Highlighted in Perth


Something very powerful happened in Perth this week (15th-17th April 2015) that was more than reassuring about the future of humanity. In total contrast to the cyclic boom and gloom of local economies and occasional threads of evil that universal connectedness now brings to us personally, this was a powerful demonstration of liberating world-wide human creativity.

The event in the shape of a 3 day Symposium with some 20 international speakers was initiated and managed by a local organisation FORM founded locally some years ago by creative people linked to the arts, but now transformed into an impressive collective able to liberate creative thinking into every aspect life.

This symposium was entitled PUBLIC 2015 and focussed attention on concentrations of population in cities towards a future where human values can be liberated, and reengaged to transcend outdated ultra conservative traditions of bureaucratic civic dominance. In fact to invert and even replace them by a sense of priority engagement of people in activities inclusive of human values, and embracing all walks of life. Indeed a different and inclusive future that is actually now being created day by day elsewhere in the world, but also in modest ways here in WA.

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