Functional Review, Planning Futures WA


A Preliminary Independent Functional Review of the land-use and development Planning System in Western Australia; with proposals for enhanced future relevance and management.

A major functional re-evaluation (14th October 2015 / 10th May 2016) of the overall Planning Process and outcomes measured against the future challenges of growth and the massive social impact of rapid technological evolution is unavoidable.  It is now abundantly obvious that the present system in totality is not even being managed to produce acceptable community outcomes today, let alone in the future.

The existing WAPC and Department of Planning together are allowing systematic functional failure to perpetuate, knowing that commercial developers can have no commitment to engage in socially responsible research to produce timely, balanced and comprehensively planned development; and also that the Local Authorities  as intermediaries are inappropriately structured and resourced to adequately participate.

The paper continues with – A Suggested fundamental Re-structuring of the Land-use Planning and Development management System in Western Australia.

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