Natural areas under consideration for Development

All Natural areas under consideration for Development should first be assessed as valuable infrastructure that may be conjunctional with some, (but not all) types of urban development.) i.e. Many areas of natural Environment have significant future asset value to people,  as healthy passive recreational parkland ‘breathing space’ in and around all urban areas – if sensibly protected and planned-for. Therefore all land earmarked for potential development should first be professionally assessed for – selective preservation/ conservation feasibilities/ vital ecological factors/foreseeable trends – climatic/ hydrology/ health risks/ pollution sources and remedies. Also site- management and/or recommended protections recorded – BEFORE ZONING in whole or in part as to be available for development.

These factors, that are important to the overall future living environment choices for families, have been largely sidelined and ignored in the recent past – largely as a result of premature and simplistic zoning decisions made at both regional and local level.

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