Social Transportation

Current controversy over the major mass transit routes of course reflects the recent phase of extremely rapid un-planned-for population and commercial growth radiating from central Perth.

However, there are also other people-centred implications for planning at local neighbourhood level, particularly if more attractive, locally serviced, high-density multi-storey living systems are developed. These include e.g. new trends in extreme compact personal transportation devices, remote delivery of on-line purchased goods and the Influence such innovations should be having on home and community planning. –Such as e.g.- Home storage and availability of different personal transportation devices/ convenience/ child proximity safety risks/ segregating large low-speed moving vehicles from pedestrians / and the visual and social impact of all these in predominantly residential areas. Plus secure local reception points for new delivery systems for on-line purchased goods.

Mass transit at ground level and underground is very expensive and inflexible in the long term.  However, above-ground levitated rapid transit systems are probably more flexible, could be extended  and re-routed at much less cost and could have ready applications to a potential new ‘macro, networked nodal communities development plan,’ particularly for outer Perth, Bunbury and growing new cities in the North West of WA, depending on growth pressures on each of them.

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