Serious Gaps in a Failing WA Urban Planning System


i.) Local Planning Schemes are being approved by WAPC/DoP based on inappropriate criteria to facilitate and ensure that Creative 21st Century standard Urban Design/ Planning is accomplished in Western Australia and must be urgently changed with the overall System re-configured.

ii.) Appropriately skilled professional oversight for output of creative urban design and development quality assurance is misapplied or absent.

iii.) The WAPC prematurely publicises functional zones and sites before they have been assessed on location for actual relevance and practical feasibility. Extensive Land price inflation is indirectly facilitated by this procedure but not researched.

iv.) Public ‘community engagement’ for what is being planned as their future living context, is seriously neglected and the systems of communication for that purpose hopelessly outdated and irrelevant to current circumstances.

v.) Five examples of obvious Planning System failure over the past decade are listed.

vi.) The ‘Green Growth Plan’ perpetuates those failures and further advances the shrinkage of urban open space and needless destruction of mature landscapes with their proven microclimatic value.

vii.) In a Footnote – a method of repositioning of DAPs is suggested, combined with an associated change to the role of some Local Authority Councils regarding permission for Local Planning approvals.

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