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This Review Paper was initially written following considerable investigation from an independent community viewpoint and sent, in the community interest to the Premier and Ministers of the WA State Government (29th Sept. 2011). It includes both detailed commentary and proposals for constructive improvement in the way urban development occurs and is managed on behalf of the community.   

 Today (over 4 years later) most of it is still highly relevant, despite the unprecedented rate of change that has occurred within the community. The outcomes of public Land use Planning and management determine community living conditions for the future, and must therefore become much more responsive and accountable to the people of WA.

 The background was the Peel Region being included by the WA Planning Commission into an expanding Metropolitan City of Perth in its “Directions 2031” future Planning concept (2010).

Urban development had however, already commenced in built-form, to eventually surround the Peel-Harvey Estuary, and with obvious completely inadequate preparatory scientific evaluation of the suitability of much of the estuarine Region for urban development of the type and scale envisaged.

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