Accountability to the Public for Urban Residential Area Planning?


The WAPC/DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING have a very wide authority remit, including advising the State Government on State-wide Strategic Planning. In the case of Residential area Planning they have opted to retain extensive control down to the detailed design of individual residences. That is through their issuance of detailed design and layout “Guidelines” and legally-backed directives. These have effectively determined, through the multi-layer Approval System, the layout, design and response to community needs.

COMMERCIAL DEVELOPERS comprise the second layer of accountability following on from WAPC/DoP, but one that cannot be easily challenged, since they have simply used the present Planning System devised and operated by WAPC/DoP to their advantage, (to create especially lucrative businesses). Their finished outcomes have however most certainly not been comprehensive, properly serviced, socially creative neighbourhoods to support modern living.

An alternative planning development system is proposed, that would greatly enhance the quality and community acceptability of residential area development. That system would require WAPC and Local Authorities not to consider applications for approval of Development Structure Plans (ODPs) until the three steps recommended in the Paper already published on this website (“NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING – A PROPOSED REVISED METHODOLOGY“) have been first undertaken. The proposed alternative procedure would be much more equitable, have many social and community benefits and make big strides towards far better Planning ‘Quality Assurance’ – in the Public Interest.

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